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Ian Oldfield, MSc, CertEd.
Titolo / Title
Geospatial Intelligence in Police Investigation

The role of geospatial intelligence in measuring and detecting crime together with support for live and cold-case investigations will be explored in the context of London’s 8.8 million residents, representing the heritage of over 200 countries and 250 spoken languages.   The discussion involves analysis undertaken for Scotland Yard and other investigative teams around London over a 15-year period.  The increasingly important role played by forensic investigation will be explored in respect of its contribution and limitations in such a large, fast-paced, mobile and diverse environment.
The paper considers basic measures of criminality through to more detailed spatial analysis and linkage then specific investigations of robbery, rape and homicide.  Several real-events will be discussed examining the opportunities, challenges - and in some cases failures - that existed during and subsequent to the investigations. The paper seeks to encourage those new to the world of crime analysis and investigation to pursue creative and promising ideas that could become the future of police investigative processes.

Relatore / Speaker: Ian Oldfield, MSc, CertEd.
Ian Oldfield trained as a teacher of geography and sport prior to becoming a police officer with Scotland Yard in 1984.  His police experience spans over 30 years, including 6 years as a patrol officer.  He developed expertise in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) over a 15 year period and has presented his work to the UK Home Office, Ministry of Defence, HM Revenue and Customs, 13 UK police forces, several UK universities as well as the US Department of Justice, a defence conference in Abu Dhabi and an academic seminar in Rome.
Following his police career, Ian provided consultancy to Ordnance Survey, the UK’s national mapping agency, then 3 years with Lockheed Martin on a police Command and Control development.  He is currently involved in the design and development of a police-based synthetic dataset for use in Artificial Intelligence environments.
He holds a Master of Science degree, a teaching certificate and was awarded three Scotland Yard commendations during his police career.

Medico specialista in neurologia, criminologo esperto in neurodiritto

Sociologa, criminologa, rettore Università Popolare UNISED

Digital & mobile forensic expert, fondatore di Securcube

Biologo e tossicologo forense

CEO of The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences

Ingegnere elettronico esperto di video analisi forense, CEO e fondatore di Amped Software

Consultant specialising in forensic fingerprint analysis

LEVA Law Enforcement & Emergency Services - Video Association Int.

Fire investigator (FI UK)

Ingegnere CYPE

Ingegnere forense e investigatore di incendi

Forensic expert, ex capo della sezione di Intelligence forense di New Scotland Yard

Geo-Intelligence specialist, ex ufficiale del Metropolitan Police Intelligence Bureau (London)

Sociologo specializzato in Sociologia delle organizzazioni criminali

Crime Scene Investigation Equipment

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