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Dr. Peter Mansi (PhD)
Titolo / Title
Fire Investigation ‘Myths and Legends’

A brief overview of a few myths that surround some of the causations of fires, many perpetuated by Hollywood movies!
This presentation will help prevent investigators from making the mistake of accepting the word of a witness purely based on their ‘perception’ of what may have started the fire. Understanding how fires start and develop will assist in interpreting the truth or ‘accuracy’ of witness testimony.

Relatore / Speaker
Peter Mansi, PhD Eng Tech FIFireE MCSFS FFireInv MIAAI IAAI-CFI IAAI-ECT:  Peter served over 30 operational years in the London Fire Brigade and was the Borough Commander of the City of London and Group Manager for the Fire and Arson Investigation Team. He has developed a unique comprehensive fire investigation methodology, having designed a series of 23 Fire Investigation Road Maps (FIRMs) and associated guidance to enable the investigator to identify and analyse all available data relating to the causation of a fire or explosion incident without bias, as part of his PhD thesis, based on the study of fire investigation methodologies. Peter has been involved with many of the highest profile fire investigations within the UK and Ireland over the last two decades; the Bethnal Green Road, Stevenage, Bray Co Wicklow, Warwickshire and Southampton Fire Fighter fatalities; Iron Mountain data storage warehouse fire in east London; the Cutty Sark fire; ‘Operation Refit’ murder investigation (Hertfordshire); the Royal Marsden Hospital, the Lakanal high rise multi-fatal fire and Grenfell Tower. Peter was President of the IAAI’s 67th UK Chapter between 2003 and 2014 and the IAAI between 2014-2015. He has completed a ‘Cold Case Fire Investigation’ of the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Medico specialista in neurologia, criminologo esperto in neurodiritto

Sociologa, criminologa, rettore Università Popolare UNISED

Digital & mobile forensic expert, fondatore di Securcube

Biologo e tossicologo forense

CEO of The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences

Ingegnere elettronico esperto di video analisi forense, CEO e fondatore di Amped Software

Consultant specialising in forensic fingerprint analysis

LEVA Law Enforcement & Emergency Services - Video Association Int.

Fire investigator (FI UK)

Ingegnere CYPE

Ingegnere forense e investigatore di incendi

Forensic expert, ex capo della sezione di Intelligence forense di New Scotland Yard

Geo-Intelligence specialist, ex ufficiale del Metropolitan Police Intelligence Bureau (London)

Sociologo specializzato in Sociologia delle organizzazioni criminali

Crime Scene Investigation Equipment

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