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Terry Kent
Titolo / Title
Improving Latent Fingerprint Recovery from Crime Scenes

There have been methods of visualising latent fingerprints since the late 19th Century but there was little research into new techniques until in the 1960s ninhydrin was introduced for fingerprints on paper. Since then research programmes in the UK and elsewhere have produced a wide range of methods. From the use of lasers and mass spectrometers, to radioactive labelling and chemical reagents designed to target specific components of sebaceous and eccrine sweat. The development, and effective operational implementation, of some of these methods, for a variety of surface types, both at the crime scene and in dedicated fingerprint laboratories, will be reported on.

Relatore / Speaker
Ex Head of Crime Investigation Sector UK Home Office, Manager Fingerprint Programme 1978-2004, BSc (Physics/Chemistry) University of London.
Awarded Lewis Minshall Trophy 1987 and Henry Medal 2004 by the Fingerprint Society for technological contributions to fingerprint detection.
Editor and principal author of Home Office ‘Manual of Fingerprint Development Techniques’ Ist Edition published 1986 second edition 1998.
Member of Steering Group and Meetings Organiser for the International Fingerprint Research Group.
Tutor on Latent Fingerprint Development Techniques: University of Valencia, Spain on-line Masters in Forensic Science.
Lecturer and trainer to UK and overseas police agencies. Independent Researcher collaborating with the UK Home Office, the University of Lincoln and commerce.

Medico specialista in neurologia, criminologo esperto in neurodiritto

Sociologa, criminologa, rettore Università Popolare UNISED

Digital & mobile forensic expert, fondatore di Securcube

Biologo e tossicologo forense

CEO of The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences

Ingegnere elettronico esperto di video analisi forense, CEO e fondatore di Amped Software

Consultant specialising in forensic fingerprint analysis

LEVA Law Enforcement & Emergency Services - Video Association Int.

Fire investigator (FI UK)

Ingegnere CYPE

Ingegnere forense e investigatore di incendi

Forensic expert, ex capo della sezione di Intelligence forense di New Scotland Yard

Geo-Intelligence specialist, ex ufficiale del Metropolitan Police Intelligence Bureau (London)

Sociologo specializzato in Sociologia delle organizzazioni criminali

Crime Scene Investigation Equipment

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